Define the Problem Mind Map

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1. Who?
    1.1. Who knows what happened?
    1.2. Who was involved?
    1.3. Who was there?
    1.4. Who was there that shouldn’t have been?
    1.5. Who is responsible for what?
    1.6. Who could help us?
    1.7. Who are the experts?
    1.8. Who needs to know?
    1.9. Who are the people impacted by this situation?
    1.10. Who should we communicate to?
2. What?
    2.1. What happened?
    2.2. What were possible causes?
    2.3. What equipment was involved?
    2.4. What was the state of the equipment involved?
    2.5. What are we trying to achieve?
    2.6. What can we do?
    2.7. What assumptions have we made?
    2.8. What people/resources are available for us to use?
    2.9. What are other people doing?
    2.10. What solutions have other people implemented?
    2.11. What impact has this on our stakeholders?
    2.12. What impact has this on our quality/efficiency/effectiveness?
    2.13. What should we communicate?
3. Where?
    3.1. Where did it happen?
    3.2. Where were people/equipment at the time?
    3.3. Where else is this happening or has happened?
    3.4. Where has this already been tackled?
    3.5. Where should we communicate?
4. When?
    4.1. When did it happen?
    4.2. When was the last time that it happened?
    4.3. When did we first become aware of this
    4.4. When was the first time that this happened?
    4.5. When will we be finished/able to progress?
    4.6. When should we communicate?
5. Why?
    5.1. Why did it happen?
    5.2. Why do you think it happened?
    5.3. Why can’t we do it?
    5.4. Why are our assumptions valid?
    5.5. Why don’t others experience this?
6. How?
    6.1. How did it happen?
    6.2. How often has it happened?
    6.3. How did you become aware of it?
    6.4. How did it come about?
    6.5. How could we overcome the problem?
    6.6. How could we do this?
    6.7. How should we communicate?