Competitor Positioning Mind Map

Use this map to track the position of your competitors in the market. Update with any changes and then share the map with your team, so you are all on the same page.

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1. Who is the competitor?
    1.1. Company
    1.2. Product
    1.3. Service
2. Differentiation
    2.1. How does this represent
        2.1.1. Best value
        2.1.2. Competitive advantage
    2.2. How does this allow customer to differentiate themselves
        2.2.1. Overcome problems
        2.2.2. Improve their business
        2.2.3. Cost savings
        2.2.4. Customer
        2.2.5. Win sales
        2.2.6. Etc
    2.3. How does this differentiate us from our competitor(s)
    2.4. Need deep understanding
        2.4.1. Customers
   Their people
   Their business
   Their issues
3. Competitive Advantage
    3.1. Is transient
        3.1.1. Price
        3.1.2. Innovation
        3.1.3. Route to market
        3.1.4. Time to market
        3.1.5. Brand
        3.1.6. Quality
        3.1.7. Reputation
    3.2. Clear differentiators
    3.3. Maybe not sustainable