Business Plan Strategy Mind Map

Break down your business plan with this mind map template. Use this to consider all the potential strengths and opportunities the business will face. 

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1. Executive summary 
    1.1. What is the opportunity 
    1.2. What is the product(s) 
    1.3. What services will be provided 
    1.4. Who are the target customers 
    1.5. Who are the key people 
    1.6. What are the key commercial targets 
    1.7. What are the main milestones
2. Company overview 
    2.1. Who are the key people 
    2.2. What will the business do 
    2.3. What are the companies guiding lights 
    2.4. What are the companies core values 
    2.5. What are the companies goals
        2.5.1. in the market 
        2.5.2. financially 
        2.5.3. with the product 
    2.6. What is the opportunity
        2.6.1. market 
        2.6.2. customers 
        2.6.3. What are the companies key strengths 
        2.6.4. What is the legal setup of the company 
3. Products and Services 
    3.1. What is the product(s) 
    3.2. How is the product constructed 
    3.3. What are the component parts 
    3.4. What are the unique elements 
    3.5. What is the development ethos 
    3.6. What is the pricing structure 
    3.7. What are the services 
    3.8. How will services be delivered 
4. Marketing plan 
    4.1. What is your proposition
    4.2. Define its value 
        4.2.1. in proposed solution 
        4.2.2. too whom 
        4.2.3. quantify 
        4.2.4. endorse 
        4.2.5. back-up
    4.3. Where does offering position? 
        4.3.1. company 
        4.3.2. product 
        4.3.3. service 
    4.4. How is offering different?
        4.4.1. how does this represent
        4.4.2. best value 
        4.4.3. competitive advantage 
    4.5. How does this allow customer to differentiate themselves ?
        4.5.1. overcome problems 
        4.5.2. improve their business 
        4.5.3. cost savings 
        4.5.4. customer
   win sales 
            4.5.5. how does this differentiate us from our competitor(s)?
    4.6. Who are our customers?
        4.6.1. their people 
        4.6.2. their business 
        4.6.3. their issues 
        4.6.4. their location 
        4.6.5. their size
    4.7. Which industries are they in? 
        4.7.1. industries 
        4.7.2. size of market 
        4.7.3. opportunity 
        4.7.4. trends 
    4.8. Are there particular industry threats to consider?
        4.8.1. changes in technology 
        4.8.2. changes in regulations 
        4.8.3. changes in economy 
    4.9. Who are our competitors?
        4.9.1. Which companies 
        4.9.2. What products 
        4.9.3. What services 
        4.9.4. How do we compare
    4.10. What is our strategy? 
        4.10.1. What is the message 
   what is it we do? 
   where have we done it? 
   what benefits have our customers realised? 
        4.10.2. why would prospects believe us? 
        4.10.3. why does our proposition work? 
   make it logical 
   make it believable
        4.10.4. Who will/has benefited 
   job function 
        4.10.5. individual job function organisation 
    4.11. How will we reach our target customers?
        4.11.1. methods 
        4.11.2. costs 
        4.11.3. budgets
    4.12. How will we sell to our customers?
        4.12.1. direct 
        4.12.2. retail 
        4.12.3. resellers 
        4.12.4. internal sales 
5. Operational plan 
    5.1. How is development managed and controlled? 
        5.1.1. strategy 
        5.1.2. development roadmap 
        5.1.3. design methodology 
        5.1.4. processes 
        5.1.5. controls 
    5.2. What production methods are used?
        5.2.1. production techniques 
        5.2.2. process controls
    5.3. What staff is required?
        5.3.1. What level of staffing will be required 
        5.3.2. What skills are required 
        5.3.3. What are expected salary costs 
        5.3.4. Are there specific training requirements
    5.4. Who are our suppliers?
        5.4.1. what do they supply 
        5.4.2. how are they controlled
6. Financial plan 
    6.1. Explain the 12 month profit and loss projection?
    6.2. Have any assumptions been made?
    6.3. What are the longer term projections 
7. Management structure 
    7.1. What is the management structure?
    7.2. What are the key skills of management?
    7.3. Who are the key external influencers?