Brexit Preparation Checklist

Businesses face challenges every day, Brexit is just one of them. Use this handy template to get started on breaking down the challenge of Brexit to identify what action you need to take and any opportunities that will be created.

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Brexit Preparation Checklist

1.0 Operations

   1.1 where is our headquarters based

   1.2 do we have offices in EU countries

2.0 Staff

   2.1 are any of our staff EU Nationals

   2.2 do we have any UK citizens working in EU countries

3.0 Do we export goods to EU countries

   3.1 do we export goods to non-EU countries

   3.2 review any new systems and procedures put in place to handle exports

4.0 Does our supply chain rely on imports from EU countries

   4.1 are any of these time sensitive that will be held up at customs

   4.2 actions to address impact on imports

5.0 Current contracts in place with businesses in EU countries

   5.1 will any need to be renegotiated

6.0 Impact on any accounting for any VAT changes

7.0 Travel Guidance

   7.1 do any of our staff travel regularly to and from EU countries for business purposes

   7.2 what are the new travel guidelines for these countries

8.0 Intellectual Property