Book Evaluation Questions

Dont know where to start with your book evaluation?
Here is a template with questions to consider when working on a critical evaluation of a book.

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1. Book Evaluation Questions
 1.1. What
    1.1.1. Title
    1.1.2. Genre
    1.1.3. Plot
    1.1.4. Themes
    1.1.5. Tone
    1.1.6. Main points
    1.1.7. Author’s viewpoint
    1.1.8. Evidence author uses to prove his or her points
   Why not
    1.1.9. Specifically did you like/dislike
    1.1.10. Is your favourite quote
    1.1.11. Did you learn from the book
 Issues raised
 Matters left out
 Unconvincing points
    1.1.12. Audience’s reaction
 What group of readers would find this book most useful
    1.1.13. Personal relatable experiences to the subject
    1.1.14. Did you think of the main character
    1.1.15. Is your lasting impression
 1.2. Where
    1.2.1. Does the action take place
 Was it important to the story
 1.3. When
    1.3.1. Does the action take place
 Is this important
 1.4. Who
    1.4.1. Main Characters
    1.4.2. Supporting Characters
    1.4.3. Did you relate to most
    1.4.4. Intended Audience
 1.5. Why
    1.5.1. Did you like this
    1.5.2. Didn’t you like this
    1.5.3. Would particular changes help
    1.5.4. Did the author do a good job
 1.6. How
    1.6.1. Does it convey…
 Main Points
    1.6.2. Did it achieve its goal
    1.6.3. Does this book relate to other books on the same topic
 New information added
    1.6.4. Is the book related to larger issues
     1.6.5. Did the book affect you
    1.6.6. Is the book related to your own life or personal agenda
    1.6.7. Have your opinions about the topic changed
    1.6.8. Could it be improved
    1.6.9. Agree with main themes
 Why or why not