6 Thinking Hats Benefits Mind Map

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1. Maximise Collaboration
2. Consider issues, problems, decisions and opportunities systematically
3. Use as a group to generate more, better ideas & solutions
4. Make meetings much shorter and more productive
5. Reduce Conflict amongst participants
6. Stimulate innovation by generating more & better ideas
7. Create dynamic results orientated meetings that makes people want to be involved
8. Go beyond the obvious to discover effective alternative solutions
9. Spot opportunities where others only see problems
10. Think Clearly & Objectively
11. Minimise counterproductive interaction / behaviour
12. View problems from New and Unusual Angles
13. Make Thorough Evaluations
14. See all Sides of a situation
15. Keep egos & “turf protection” in check
16. Achieve significant and meaningful results in less time
17. Allow to say things without Risk
18. Create awareness that there are multiple perspectives on the issue at hand
19. Convenient mechanism for switching thinking
20. Rules for the game of Thinking
21. More Focused Thinking
22. More Creative Thinking
23. Improve Communications
24. Improve Decision Making