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Laura Cunningham October 2018

On October 9th and 10th, the MindGenius team ventured to London to attend the Project Challenge Expo at the Olympia in Kensington. 

The expo gave us the opportunity to discuss the features with the target market in detail. This gave us an invaluable insight into how MindGenius can work for a range of different project management styles and a range of different project teams. The most impressive MindGenius feature (as proven by our discussions with real project managers) is the ability to view the same data through different windows. 

For example, the Dynamic Views feature in MindGenius 2018 allows the user to view their data based on different criteria relevant to the stage the project is at. The project managers we spoke to explained that their need to view specific data quickly was growing with every project they work on. Executives and stakeholders are always looking for quick, easy-to-understand updates and the Dynamic View feature delivers just that. 

What else did the project managers we spoke to feel set us apart? Versatility. MindGenius 2018 is what you need it to be. We spoke to a range of project managers who work on a broad spectrum of projects, some using multiple project management techniques such as sprint, agile and waterfall. The ability to mould into the perfect tool to manage each project in the style it requires is one of our greatest and most unique features. There is no defined 3 step process to managing a project with MindGenius, just because you decide to work entirely in the Gantt chart on one project, does not mean you have to use the same process for a different project – should the requirements be different. 

To add to our growing list of praises, the ability to capture information and requirements quickly and with minimal fuss impresses a number of the people we spoke to. It was good, however, to see that mind mapping in business was not being scoffed at as much as it has been in the past. The ability to capture information quickly, organise it, assign resource and then progress with the project itself certainly impressed anyone who had previously viewed mind mapping as ‘airy-fairy’. 

In summary, our trip to London was a success. We got to speak to a range of different project managers and industry professionals which gave us the opportunity to gain invaluable feedback on our product and its credibility in the industry. It also gave us a huge feeling of accomplishment and pride to hear that our product has what it takes to stand against other project management tools that only cover one or two aspects of the project management process

Haven’t considered using a Visual Project Management tool to help manage your projects? Download MindGenius 2018 and find out what all the fuss is about – after all it has been proven by professionals. 

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