Project Management From Start To Finish

Rachel Maguire 11/07/18

Previously in the Plan Your Project From The Ground Up blog  we showed you how to prepare your project by mind mapping with MindGenius. Now that you have laid the foundations for your project you can move on to the building and construction phase.

Forming an extensive project schedule can be a lengthy task however, with MindGenius this can be done from within the Map.

Within your Map you can create tasks and start building a timeline by assigning resources and time frames to certain elements within the map. This automatically creates task cards and a Gantt chart, bringing all the different elements together to form a full project plan. By being able to do this from within the map every detail involved in the project is laid out in front of you, helping to ensure that no detail is forgotten about.

With the use of Dynamic Views in MindGenius 2018 you can seamlessly alternate between Map, Task and Gantt Views, so you can easily reach clarity as to what is due, if the project is running according to schedule and who should be doing what and when. This then gives you the ability to view your projects progress in an instant and then be able to adjust all the other inputs accordingly. 

With so many elements involved in a construction project the ability to co- ordinate all these different activities is essential and MindGenius can help you do this.

Not only is it important to keep track of progress but reporting regularly to management, clients and owners is also required. Having to write up all of the information that is included in your Map or Gantt chart would be really time consuming, that’s why with MindGenius you can export your project details to Word, PowerPoint or Excel creating extensive project management reports and presentations easily and hassle free. Not only would your clients and management be impressed it would also give you more time to focus on making sure the tasks at hand are finished to a high standard and on time.

Managing a construction project is a considerable challenge and effective management is the difference between the project running on schedule and on budget or being a disaster. Choose MindGenius and see how it can supercharge your projects.

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