Project Management for Test Driven Development

Laura Cunningham 10/07/18

With global software demands increasing daily, being a web developer has never been more lucrative. However, something many people don’t understand is that website design and web development takes time and patience to implement effectively.

The design and development of a full working ecommerce site can take anywhere for 4 weeks onwards and you can look to add months to that if you want to have a functional app to accompany it. Why does it take this long? Because even once the basic code is written and all the content is put in, developers still have to test their code to ensure it works the way it should.

Creating and running tests on a new piece of code can be done in 6 simple, easy to remember steps:

1. Create your test.

Ensure you know the specifications and requirements of your project as this will help you to create and add your test.

2. Run the test and check if it fails 

Running your test is one of the most important steps. If the test fails, there is something that needs fixed, if it passes then move onto the next test. 

3. Did your test fail?

Write some new code to fix the fail. Failed the test? Time to write some new code to fix the problems presented. A good test will tell you what this particular feature ‘should’ do, making writing a fix code easier.

4. Run the test again.

Run your test again to check your new code has done the trick. If it hasn’t, get back into the code and make some changes.

5. Tidy up your code.

Now everything is working the way it should with this particular feature, you should ensure your code makes sense. Keep everything in its logical place and remove duplicates.

6. Start again.

Repeat the cycle.

Our top tip for test driven development

Logging your tests, results and any fixes could help you improve the efficiency of future projects. Programs and software such as MindGenius can help you keep notes, attachments and links all in one place in an easy to follow format. As a result, you can call upon past projects to determine possible fixes for current ones.

We’d love you to try out MindGenius for your next project!

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