Plan To Win, Win To Plan

Rachel Maguire

In marketing there is so much variety to what we do.  The role involves social media management, email marketing, planning content, website design or more traditional elements such as planning an event, TV or print advertising.  

No matter what type of marketing campaign you are working on there is one thing that is standard across them all, they require extensive planning. From deciding who is the target audience, which channels to use, deciding on budget and timescales and how the success of the campaign will be measured.

When beginning the process of campaign planning you would typically start bouncing off ideas, trying to form some sort of plan and decide who would be responsible for certain areas.  You would then move into when each stage of the campaign plan should be completed by and who will be responsible for each element.

Ideally there would be something that would allow notes and ideas to be captured quickly and easily during the meeting (instead of different pieces of paper with snippets of information that get lost) which can then be transformed into tasks, allowing for effective progress monitoring throughout the entire campaign. 

Within our marketing team we use MindGenius for the entire process.


We take notes, scope out every detail of the campaign using mind mapping in MindGenius. The requirements, aims and objectives, target audience and all the other important information you need when planning a campaign are then compiled in one easy to view format. You can also group together related information and make connections between all the information you have captured and create a more organised map.

Task Management

Once that is done we can identify if there are certain parts of the mind map that can be turned into tasks. This is really simple and can be done by assigning a start and end date to a branch of information. You can then also assign a member of the team to under -take these tasks. You then know exactly when something will be completed and by whom, helping you to keep track of the large and finer details of your campaign plan.

For more extensive task management, status can be assigned to tasks for instance; not started, in progress and completed. This highlights any hurdles that could stand in the way of the campaign launching on time and allow you to make any adjustments so your campaign launches without a hitch.

Utilising this Task Management feature automatically generates a timeline of events, highlighting dependencies between tasks and if anyone is over or under allocated in terms of workload. So not only will your campaign launch on time but your team will be managed more effectively too!

Dynamic Views

Another helpful feature of MindGenius is Dynamic Views. With this functionality you can move seamlessly between the Map, Category and Timeline providing you with the ability to view the same information in different formats, giving you a clearer overview of how your campaign plan is progressing.

Planning and monitoring the progress of your campaign is easy and fuss free with MindGenius. Why not give it a go today?

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