Mind Map Your Way To Effective Meetings

Rachel Maguire 04/07/18
It would be fair to say that meetings are not something that everyone looks forward to as all too often they are time consuming and not productive, as usually an effective outcome or way forward isn’t reached. In meetings there is a lot of discussion on things that could be done and ideas are thrown around however, turning an idea into a plan doesn’t actually happen and we go round in circles.
What is needed in meetings is something that will focus people’s attention, structure the discussion and from this be able to create tasks and form a schedule. This is where mind mapping can help.
Mind mapping is an ideal method for dividing topics or a project into specific areas, so that you and your team can focus on the finer details to gain a better understanding of a topic. Also by structuring and breaking down information in this way, information overload is avoided.
MindGenius is particularly effective for use in meetings with features such as type and return which allows information to be captured quickly and easily. You can also highlight important information, add pictures and colour co –ordinate.
Once ideas and information on the specific areas have been noted in the mind map you can take a step back and review all of the thoughts and ideas that have been gathered. Connections and linkages between different branches of information can be easily identified, which will in turn help everyone have an improved understanding of the situation at hand, identify certain things that need to be done and figure out a way forward.  This process helps improve participation and engagement in meetings and ensures that everyone is involved rather than having one person who dominates the meeting time.
You can categorise and filter the information that has been captured in terms of Priorities, Importance and Risk. By breaking down the subject you can form a plan and create tasks within your map by assigning people to certain areas. You can also add timescales to start forming a full project schedule. This automatically creates task cards which allow you to effectively monitor your team’s work load and project progress.
On another note, if you are planning a meeting so that everyone can come together to try and resolve a problem or issue facing an organisation, Solution Finder in MindGenius is the ideal tool. Solution Finder is a guided brainstorming tool, specifically designed for teams. It offers a structure for exploring new ideas and approaching problems or a particular situation from different perspectives. This helps the team to look at a situation from an angle that they may not have even considered. Solution Finder helps structure a brainstorming meeting with question sets that provide a starting point in a discussion.  It will also lead to more innovative meeting outcomes and solutions, as it helps spark a new way of thinking to help break through mental blocks.
Why not try using MindGenius in your next meeting and see how it can improve participation and effectiveness.
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