Marketing - It's Really Just Great Storytelling

When deciding on a career in marketing, what did you envision? Mad Men style advertising agencies and big creative campaigns perhaps? Is that the reality or are you like the many marketers just trying to find creative ways to tell your amazing product story and be heard above the noise? 

Content marketing plays a huge role in any marketer’s life and everyone will approach it differently, here is an outline of how I approach this area of marketing.

The focus of content marketing is to generate material which will get people interested in what you are promoting and there are many ways in which to do so with a whole host of material being produced in different formats – blogs, social posts, white papers, how to guides, case studies, videos, webinars – the ways in which the information is promoted comes in many formats but each one is in effect an individual short story on why someone should consider your product.

Different people will approach the creative process of producing content in different ways. For me, the starting point is usually an idea for a topic and time spent planning out a structure for how that content will develop into the finished copy. As with most things in our team, my starting point is always in the planning area of our own MindGenius Online product.  At this point, I will scope out my intentions for the content being produced, who the intended reader is, decide on the format for delivery and finally assign resource to areas that I won’t be producing myself – all of which can be handled in MindGenius Online.

Take for example this blog, I am writing the content but another team member will be assigned the task of creating imagery to go along with it on the page and a further team member will be assigned the task of sharing out though our social channels and promoting the post.

That’s why MindGenius Online is so good for marketing content planning. You can scope out the work and then seamlessly move into task management to assign and track the related activity.

Planning any content in MindGenius Online is easy and it’s not just great for individual pieces of content, you can use the planning area to prepare a full content plan for a number of different pieces of collateral which will all fit together and be produced as part of a wider campaign. With the combination of planning and task management in one tool, you can assign tasks to team members and monitor progress of your full marketing content plans in one place.

So why wait, put MindGenius Online in your marketing tool box and make sure your content is telling great stories. After all, isn’t that just what marketing is?

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