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University isn’t all about night outs, joining clubs and societies and meeting new people. Sadly at one point some work needs to get done, you are there after all to get a degree! Although there are a lot of good aspects to university, when it comes to coursework and exams it can be really challenging.

You’ll no doubt have thought; how do I even start this essay? What is the point in group work apart from me ending up doing the work of 4 people? How do I cram 3 month’s worth of studying into 1 week? We’ve all been there!

Whether you are in your first year at university and have no idea where to start when it comes to studying for exams or you are in your final year and feel overwhelmed by your dissertation, there is one thing that we can all agree on and that’s university is really stressful and isn’t always the barrel of laughs that it is made out to be. Especially when it comes to group work!

Every student has been in the situation that pretty much every assignment is due on the same week and immediately thinks there is no way that they are ever going to reach every deadline on time, never mind actually submitting work that will get a good grade.

From my own experience there is only one way to handle this very common conundrum and that is through good planning. At the start of each semester have a look at when your assignments are due, plan out when you would be able to start each assignment and what should be completed when. Although this could seem a bit far-fetched and really tedious, your future self will thank you.

However, writing a bunch of to-do lists on bits of paper that you’ll no doubt lose is a thing of the past! There is a product, MindGenius Online, which is perfect for helping you manage your studies and work collaboratively with other students on a group project.

MindGenius Online enables you to clarify your thoughts and ideas with the mapping feature, then take your ideas and plans and form a schedule using timelines and stay on top everything with the task board.

You can create projects to use for your individual assignments and for group work.  When an individual joins a project they can add branches and comments to the map, tasks can be assigned to them and due dates can be decided. It is easy to keep track of how your assignments are coming along.  

To help make life at university easier a number of templates for students are now available in MindGenius Online.  So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for free and try the new MindGenius Online for Education Templates.

See yourself the difference MindGenius will make in your projects...

During your free trial we’ll show you how MindGenius Online will make project management simpler, more complete, and more enjoyable…. 

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