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If you have a major campaign or project on the horizon then you will have a million and one things to do. This is not only the case for the manager but also for team members as well. Here at MindGenius Online we are launching a major campaign in two weeks, created with the aim of increasing brand awareness and we are using MindGenius Online to manage all aspects of this project. 

In the initial stages we used MindGenius Online to plan our project from asking, what is the aim, the objectives, timescales and budget. We were then able to map out exactly what had to be done to get the project off the ground. Planning and mapping out the project in MindGenius Online also allowed each person involved to see the flow of ideas and make a contribution.

Prior to kicking off a project it is the norm for there to be lengthy meetings to agree upon scope, budget and timescales. Following kick off, to track progress. Organising and attending these meetings can be time consuming and there is no guarantee that each meeting topic will be covered and a course of action agreed upon. These meetings can be a waste of people’s time and leave everyone feeling frustrated at the lack of progress. 

With MindGenius Online, teams can collaborate on projects using any device, in any geographic location as long as there is an internet connection, which is key for us as it allows our boss to stay up to date while he is away on a trip visiting clients and it also suits others who work from home at certain times. Therefore, the usual working practices of the team aren’t disrupted even before a major launch. Time and money is also saved by using MindGenius Online as everyone can participate wherever they are, removing the need for unproductive meetings.

Another key feature of MindGenius Online is the task board which allows each of us to assign ourselves tasks and decide upon a due date that fits with our workload. We can then monitor how this will work within the overall timeline for the project. With this visibility 24/7, we know if our project is on track and also ensures that no task, however small it may be, is forgotten about. It is also very satisfying to be able to tick tasks as complete and watch them disappear from your task board!

Using MindGenius Online has been invaluable as it has given us a centralised platform for planning, managing tasks, monitoring progress and having real time discussions. This was not only extremely useful in the planning stages, but is also continuing to be throughout the course of the entire project, especially as things can change rapidly.

So if you have a big project coming up, get started with MindGenius Online and experience how easy project management can be.

See yourself the difference MindGenius will make in your projects...

During your free trial we’ll show you how MindGenius Online will make project management simpler, more complete, and more enjoyable…. 

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