Engage Your Students to Maximise Attainment

Fiona Macintyre

What is the ultimate success of a teacher or lecturer? Is merely to tick boxes that a certain number of students passed the exam at the end of the year? Or is it to create an engaging learning environment which keeps students involved and enthusiastic about their learning experience?

I would argue it is the combination of the two.  It is rewarding for teachers and lecturers to see a high pass mark but it is more rewarding to combine that with students who are engaged with the lessons that get them to that pass mark.  A disorganised teacher is not going to get the full engagement of their pupils and ultimately will not achieve the pass rates of someone who is fully prepared.

One way to ensure lessons are engaging is to create a full and well prepared Lesson Plan.  This is key to any learning environment and determines the level of engagement from students and ultimately pass rates. 

This should include:

  • The Topic
  • Details on the learning objectives
  • The time involved to deliver those objectives
  • How these objectives will be presented
  • The structure of each lesson
  • What will the students respond best to which will determine delivery of the lesson:
    • A talk / lecture where they simply take notes
    • Show a film
    • Use props
    • Generate a discussion

Anyone who has ever stood in front of a room to present on a topic will appreciate how daunting that can be and that the key to success is preparation. Winging it rarely works for anyone.

The same can be said for teachers and lecturers.  There is an expectation from the students that you will know your topic and that your delivery of said topic will not be disjointed or dare I say it – boring.  Educators face the prospect of presenting different topics to different audiences on an almost hourly basis throughout the day and if they are not prepared, they will likely lose the interest of their students and pass rates will suffer, reflecting on them as a teacher.

MindGenius is perfect for preparing lesson plans because you can start with your topic, break down all of the related information and plan how you will deliver that information to your pupils and the add in timeframes for delivery. You are able to set the objectives for each lesson and how your subject matter presentation will meet those objectives. 

As much as planning is key, it should also be remembered that getting students engaged may mean that discussions will veer off topic at points – you can prepare for that as well by adding in a time buffer for discussions as part of the overall plan.  

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