Assign Yourself Tasks

I’m the only person involved in this project, why do I need to assign myself a task? MindGenius Online is used for managing and collaborating on group projects with your team members but also for individual projects. Although it is easy to see the logic in assigning yourself and others tasks for a group project, when it comes to individual projects where you’re the only person involved, you may question why should I assign myself a task?

Well, if you think about it, you no doubt write to do lists for household tasks that only you will be doing, to make sure that no task is forgotten about. It then makes sense to apply this same logic to your working life.

So, if you have multiple projects running at the same time, MindGenius Online is ideal for you due to its useful ‘My Workspace’ area. 

The ‘My Workspace’ area allows you to create a new project and also displays all current projects that you are working on. The real benefit of this feature is that it collates all the tasks that are assigned to you, across all the projects you are working on. The tasks are displayed as a scroll down list that can be assorted according to: Start date, Due Date, Status and Title.

If you sort your ‘My Workspace’ tasks by Start date and group them by Due date tasks are then displayed as ‘Overdue’, ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’ or ‘Later’. Tags for each task can also be used to sort tasks in terms of their difficulty, impact and importance.

These simple status’ alongside the tags associated with them allows you to clearly see what needs to be done, prioritise tasks and help you to manage your time more effectively. It also helps to ensure that smaller, albeit important tasks are not forgotten about and projects are broken down into more manageable chunks.

Check out this quick video on assigning yourself Tasks  

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